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About McCauley

What Do We Do?


McCauley is a investment risk and legal consulting firm that helps small business owners and professional athletes focus more on what they love doing and less on paperwork we love doing.


Sure, we’re a strange breed, but creating your spreadsheets, drafting your documents, researching your business questions and reading your legal documents are the types of nerdy activities that get us up and going everyday.


And because we pack over a decade of experience of working in high finance, technical accounting and transactional law for companies like Starbucks, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Balch & Bingham and Bank of America into a tech-savvy, nimble law firm, we’re able to make Big Firm legal solutions and business ideas accessible to just about anyone.


Our History


We started off as a business consulting firm called IronHedge back in 2008. At IronHedge, we focused on providing start-up guidance to small business owners and professional athletes who owned small businesses.


Then in 2013, we felt that more small business owners could be better served through an online SaaS platform the founder of McCauley created. This platform would make our services and other business professionals' services more accessible to small business owners and people interested in wanting to start a business. We thought the ability to pull resources from the web and interact online would save time and money, and it did, but what we also found out is that we ended up meeting and talking to users in person more than online. We love the personal interaction ourselves!


In 2015, we turned our attention from tech, and fired up McCauley Investment Risk & Legal Consulting to support small business owners and professional athletes on a more personal level and with a legal experience that showed we appreciate them and we really do care about their successes. We believe we came up with the perfect recipe for that legal experience by offering: 

  • Big Law talent at boutique firm rates,

  • legal solutions that consider financial and accounting books impacts,

  • an experience that's not into the nickel-and-diming,

  • more transparency in the development of our legal solutions,

  • a client-focused business model,

  • faster response times to emails, phone calls and texts, and

  • less overhead, which leads to more reasonable bills.

McCauley Commitment

McCauley is 100% committed to helping small business owners and professional athletes protect their livelihoods, maintain a comfortable lifestyle and obtain long-term financial security. 

To do this, we actively work with our clients and encourage their input and ideas to create the best business and legal solutions for them. While we'll do the heavy lifting, we also appreciate learning about our clients' experience and knowledge throughout the entire legal engagement.

We Make it Easier for You to Focus

Our legal solutions are meticulously developed for our clients. Quality, transparency, attentiveness and usefulness are at the core of everything we do. We take pride in developing legal solutions for our clients so they can have extra time to focus on their skills and the work that helps generate revenue. 

Accounting and Finance? Yes, Please.


You might be thinking, "isn't this a law firm?" It most certainly is, but it's a law firm that speaks the  language of business: accounting. Our uncanny background comes from the hybrid-professional background of Chris McCauley, the founder, who has spent over a decade in the roles of a CPA, financial analyst and attorney (i) working in high-finance, technical accounting and law and (ii) structuring transactions to reach desired outcomes for businesses.


From bank reconciliations to financial statements, we "get" business and can understand how our clients' business models work. With our expansive background in a variety of industries, we can quickly identify:

  • critical partners,

  • cost structures and drivers,

  • customer segments,

  • revenue streams,

  • critical resources, and

  • critical activities. 


This information allows us to provide better, customized legal and business solutions that fits each client's unique business and helps them get even closer to their goals. 


At the end of the day, the bottom line is what matters for clients, their families, their employees and the communities they serve, so we are dedicated to making sure our legal solutions also focus on improving their bottom lines.


Partners in Our Clients' Success 

With each client, we are committed to becoming a partner in his or her journey to success. We understand the ability to regularly communicate might not always be necessary, but we work to make sure our clients know our doors are always open for even the small questions. 

Want to learn more about McCauley and how our legal solutions can help you reach your financial goals?

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