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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
  -Nelson Mandela


The McCauley mission is three-fold:


  • To help our clients develop, maintain and protect a lifestyle that's comfortable for themselves and family members. ​


  • To empower our clients in their business transactions by providing them with straightforward, accurate, reliable and timely business and legal solutions. 

  • To improve the relationship between clients and attorneys by helping clients understand how legal solutions properly designed and delivered will help them in their journey to reach their financial goals.

McCauley's True Visibility™ Promise

Professional service businesses have a reputation for engaging with a client, performing some kind of magic behind the scenes, mailing out a work product with "sign here" tabs and sending a steep bill without much of an explanation. 

Knowing that way of conducting business is annoying and slightly underhanded, we choose to do things differently at McCauley. At McCauley, you'll receive:

  • a detailed explanation (as detailed as you want it) of the work I'm performing to help you get your deals done in your favor,

  • time to ask questions about the research and strategies being used and

  • the ability to approve any additional fees that might be needed for unplanned or unexpected issues that come up from initial research. (No surprising bills!)

We understand that just like everything else you purchase, you want to understand exactly what you're getting and why it cost as much as it does. By joining McCauley, you will get that type of visibility into McCauley's business solutions.

Want to learn more about McCauley and how our legal solutions can help you reach your financial goals?

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