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The McCauley Difference

To maintain our independence and eliminate potential conflicts of interest and other situations that are known to create issues between clients and service providers, McCauley DOES NOT:

  • maintain any client assets under management, 

  • take custody of any client funds,

  • provide concierge services to any clients,

  • receive performance fees of any kind,

  • receive commissions or referral fees of any kind, 

  • bill on a contingency basis,

  • obtain or need access to any clients' assets,

  • provide financial recommendations,

  • loan any funds to clients under any circumstances,

  • require the execution of power of attorney, or  

  • perform underwriting or other investment banking services. 

With McCauley, you get a detailed engagement letter that clearly defines the scope of your satisfaction guaranteed work, an estimated completion time and your one-time flat fee

Other Perks

Detailed Invoices


If you've ever received an invoice with a description of work that only says "Drafted Contract," or something along those lines, you may have already experienced the frustration of dealing with some firms. At McCauley, you will receive a detailed explanation of your bill. This explanation is on top of the engagement letter I'll provide to you upfront, so you'll know the scope of the solutions and how much they will cost. 


Transparent Work


Some firms take advantage of complicated business transactions and a client's inexperience to bill more fees than necessary. I'll do the heavy lifting when it comes to the work, and depending on your frequency for updates, I'll make sure to keep you involved during the project so you can understand what steps I am taking to complete your work. Learn about the McCauley True Visibility Promise.


Work Guarantee


I believe in providing excellent, complete and timely work to McCauley clients, but if you ever feel you aren't receiving the quality of product promised, we'll talk about what needs to change and find a way to make sure you end up with a satisfying work product without additional fees billed to you.




Having been a client to a business professional before, I understand the frustration of trying to reach an advisor with an urgent question only to end up waiting a couple of days to hear back. At McCauley, I work to keep an open line of communication. We both have other things going on in our lives, such as family and other personal obligations, but I will work with you to let you know my availability. You'll also have around the clock access to me for those emergency issues. 

Want to learn more about McCauley and how our legal solutions can help you reach your financial goals?

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