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Business Taxes

Today's strain on public resources has local, state and federal revenue agencies aggressively pursuing perceived tax liabilities and devising new opportunities to tax the efforts of small business owners. Trying to navigate complex sales & use taxes, franchise taxes, employer taxes and various income taxes can quickly become a burden on business owners.


At McCauley, we're here to help you get through the tax web that exists. 


Our experience with taxes include:

  • Tax planning and analyzing for local, state and federal individual and business income taxes,

  • Assisting in the collecting, reporting and remitting of local, state and federal employment-related taxes for employers,

  • Assisting in the collecting, reporting and remitting of sales and use taxes, 

  • Obtaining and managing reseller permits,

  • Assisting in reporting and remitting personal property taxes,

  • Responding to tax authority audit/examinations and inquiries and

  • Managing special and excises taxes.

To learn more about how we can help with your taxes, contact us below.  

Let's Talk Taxes!

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