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Investment Risk Research

Maybe you've already invested in a business or you're thinking about investing in one, and you're now curious about the management team, brokers and other parties involved in the deal. Specifically, you're wondering if you're missing pieces of information or warning signs that may signal your investment funds might be in jeopardy or placed in jeopardy. 

In these situations, we offer a product called the McCauley Report, which is a report that reviews various investment documents, such as private placement memoranda, financial instruments and financial statements, and provides you an assessment of the risks or warning signs in your investment.
For investments you've already made, we'll review executed agreements, offering materials, financial statements and any other documents you've received as part of your investment. All information will be thoroughly reviewed and analyzed with our systematic approach for identifying signs of fraud, mismanagement and other forms of foul play within the investment opportunity. When our research is completed, you'll receive a McCauley Report that details our findings, and we'll set up a meeting to discuss your legal options. 
For investments you're considering to make, you simply have to send over your investment documents. Similar to what we do for existing investments, we'll review your documents, research the questions that we develop and provide you with a summary of our findings in a McCauley Report.

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