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Management Consulting

As part of McCauley's overall mission, the firm also provides a comprehensive suite of management consulting solutions that leverage nearly a decade of CPA experience.


These solutions are specifically tailored to fit the busy lifestyle of athletic professionals who want to open their own businesses or currently run their own businesses.  

The management consulting solutions include taking time to fully understand your concerns and goals, identifying potential business opportunities and developing process and plans to help you achieve your objectives. 

Business Start-Up Services

Once you have that business concept of yours, McCauley can help you take your prospective business from concept to the operational stage. McCauley can help in any number of areas:

  • Business plan creation


  • Start-up costs


  • Funding requirements


  • Accounting practices


  • Tax considerations


  • Regulatory compliance

  • Licensing requirements


  • Site selection


  • Insurance coverage


  • Intellectual property registration


  • Personnel selection


  • Record keeping and controls

To inquire about McCauley management service, email below or call 205.452.5049

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