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With McCauley on your team, you can now find out in advance if your business partners, advisors, agents and others are trying to abuse your trust.

The McCauley Report

McCauley Reports are CPA + attorney prepared research reports for professional athletes that uncover the danger signs in business deals before athletes sign them and money is exchanged

We'll take care of all your research needs! 
We understand you have a busy lifestyle, that's why we'll dig into the details and fine print for you.
With the McCauley Report, we'll take business financial projections, complex agreements and other time consuming business documents, research them and your potential advisors and partners and put our results into an easy-to-read report that will help you protect your savings and lifestyle.

Contact us to learn more about McCauley Reports

*The McCauley Report does not provide financial advice or recommendations. Instead, it acts a supplement that will help professional athletes, or their designated advisors, make better decisions about transactions that impact long-term financial security.

We've got you covered on all your business documents!

No matter the type of business document placed in front of you for your consideration. We can help you understand the impact it will have on your financial security and lifestyle. 

Financial Statements

Financial Projections

Business Proposals

Promissory Notes

Operating Agreements

Partnership Agreements

Sale/Purchase Agreements

Lease Agreements

Licensing Agreements

Engagement Letters

...and many, many more!

All research is based on a 4-part comprehensive review process!

With your savings and lifestyle on the line, make sure no stone is left unturned. Get a 360 degree analysis for each transaction.


Each McCauley Report is the end product of a comprehensive review process that takes into consideration accounting, legal, financial and auditing concepts, making sure we help you find the details other parties use to cheat NFL Players


Accounting research focuses on recognizing and understanding the financial flow of a transaction, determining if financial data is reasonable, and comparing the economics of the transaction to observable and objective input. 

To get a McCauley Report started for you, email below or call/text 415.238.1091

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