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Fraud and Professional Athletes: Dez Bryant Files Lawsuit Against Financial Advisor for Fraud

As first reported by Ian Rapoport on, Dez Bryant recently filed a counterclaim in Dallas County district court against his financial adviser, Royce West, for:

  • making material, false representations,

  • misappropriating funds,

  • failing to disclose material information, and

  • breaching his fiduciary duties.

"Dez Bryant" by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

According to the filed complaint, the financial manager, David Wells (who is alleged to have a record of financial claims against him) chosen by West took off with over $200,000 in endorsement money owed to Bryant, while West and his law firm, West & Associates, L.L.P. received over $300,000 in fees from Bryant despite failing to fulfill fiduciary duties.

This counterclaim comes on the heels of the lawsuit Royce West filed against Bryant for allegedly damaging a home he rented from West.

Click here for Bryant's full complaint against West.


Chris McCauley, CPA, Esq. is the founder of McCauley Investment Risk & Legal Consulting PLLC, a Seattle-based law firm dedicated to helping professional athletes guard their earnings and investments. Chris is an attorney licensed to practice in Alabama and Washington and a CPA licensed to practice in Washington and North Carolina.

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