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McCauley for Agents

McCauley also supports professional athlete agents who want to provide additional value to their clients, strengthen their client relationships and generate additional revenue for their agencies.

McCauley offers a "white label" service for the McCauley Report. This service allows agents to order McCauley Reports on behalf of clients, and once the research is completed, claim the final reports prepared by McCauley as their own work. As a result, agents can seamlessly provide a valuable service to their clients without bearing the workload or man hours to create the reports. 

With the white label product, you can bill your clients to recoup the costs for the McCauley Report. Markups to cost can be made by providing additional comments to the report (if desired), developing plans to mitigate the risks identified in the report or preparing the report in a formal presentation. 

As an alternative use, your firm can also use the McCauley Report internally to:

  • negotiate business deals on behalf of your clients without having to spend the time and resources to do the research,

  • handpick the most critical issues from the McCauley Report and develop your own business strategies directly for your client, or

  • understand the types of transactions your clients are being offered and provide advice to them based on the research prepared for you. 

*As an internal policy, and in accordance with the Model Rules of Professional Conduct for lawyers, McCauley will not initate any communication with your client without your permission.  

To learn more about McCauley for Agents, email below or call 206.452.5049.

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