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On-Demand Business Research

Every McCauley Report represents the culmination of business research, or it's better name, due diligence. Due Diligence is the practice of researching a potential investment, or another type of business transaction, for hidden issues that could create financial losses and impact the value you expect to receive from that transaction.

McCauley provides a comprehensive 3-part due diligence solution that will allow professional athletes to (i) better protect themselves, lifestyles and their investments from financial losses due to fraud, mismanagement and other bad acts and (ii) make difficult, but informed, business decisions with confidence.


The due diligence solution can be performed on:


  • business plans,

  • account statements, 

  • investment agreements,

  • entity formation documents,

  • securities offering (equity and debt) documents,

  • potential business partners and their backgrounds, and

  • business professionals, such as agents, brokers and other advisors.

Once these documents are evaluated for risks that could impact your lifestyle, you'll receive a detailed report documenting the research findings and suggestions on reducing these risks.

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