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The sports industry is full of hungry sharks.  

Make sure your nest egg isn't on their menu.

Welcome to McCauley

The easiest way for professional athletes to protect their life savings and lifestyles from deceptive business advisors and partners, fraud and unfair deals. 


Why McCauley Exists

In this decade alone, professional athletes have lost over $198 million to "trusted" business advisors and partners. 

For a list of more fraud victims, click here.

At McCauley, we're reducing fraud against athletes by leveraging over a decade of experience in technical business research to help them uncover rip-offs, frauds, bad deals and more before signing any documents and exchanging any money. 

Click below to learn how we uncover these dangers. 

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How Our Research Works

Send Your Documents

Get started by telling us about your prospective business deal and sharing your paperwork. All your information is strictly confidential and will never be shared. 

Get Your Research

Using a proprietary research process, we'll review your deal in detail for red flags that are known to create financial losses through mismanagement, fraud and more.

Get Your Results

Once your research is completed, you'll receive a McCauley Report detailing the red flags found. We'll then set up a 30 minute consultation to walk you through your report.  

At McCauley, we are fully-dedicated to professional athletes. All of our research is satisfaction guaranteed. If you aren't happy, and we can't make things right, you can adjust your fee (even down to $0.00).

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How Our Research Helps Athletes

Our research provides athletes with unbiased answers to hundreds of  questions that could impact your long-term financial security.  

Is this a fair deal for my family and me, or am I being ripped off?

How can I get my money back if things don't go as planned?

Where is my money really going?

Do I really need to provide this much money for this type of deal?

Is the person managing my money properly licensed?

Is this business project even possible or legal?

Are these financial projections reasonable?

What will I really own once I hand my money over?

And many, many more!

Enjoy our 100% Transparency Promise

No Surprise Fee Bills

No Nickel-and-diming

No Vague Scope of Services

No Slow Response Times

No Guessing on Completion Dates

With our transparency, there's no need to break out your calculator! Receive full disclosure of costs upfront and in writing. Know exactly the scope of the work and when your work will be completed. 

Start protecting your savings today!

For a FREE consultation about one of your business deals, email below or call/text 415.238.1091.

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