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McCauley Solutions

What is McCauley?

McCauley is a business and legal consulting firm that helps professional athletes secure and protect their financial security by


  • evaluating,

  • identifying and

  • reducing 

the risk of financial loss due to theft, fraud, mismanagement, misleading information and more in business transactions between them and counterparties, such as entrepreneurs, family members, friends, advisors, and businesses.*

With McCauley, get clarity about your business transactions

Using experience with strategies and processes developed from over a decade in high finance as an public company auditor, securities attorney and SEC reporting consultant, McCauley acts as a protective layer between an athlete's financial security and his or her business transactions to make sure:


  • transactions are fair for athletes and their families and

  • the counterparties to transactions are truthful, competent and complete and accurate in their disclosures.

Due to the type of services offered at McCauley, each client receives personal and prompt attention and regular communication about their open projects. 


Most of the services provided by McCauley are billed at a flat-fee rate.  This is done so clients know upfront the cost and scope of McCauley services. For special, discrete projects, hourly billing may be required. 

Get more than just legal services

To eliminate potential conflicts of interest and other scenarios that are known to create issues between clients and service providers, McCauley DOES NOT:

  • maintain any assets under management, 

  • take custody of any client funds,

  • provide concierge services,

  • receive performance fees of any kind,

  • receive commissions or referral fees of any kind, 

  • bill on a contingency basis,

  • obtain access to any clients' assets,

  • provide financial recommendations,

  • require any type of power of attorney, or  

  • perform underwriting or other investment banking services. 

Combined, McCauley offers: 

  • the experience of a former athlete who understands how to work with other athletes,

  • the knowledge and experience of a securities and tax attorney, 

  • the fraud research skills of a former Big Four CPA firm auditor, and

  • the technical accounting and finance skills of a certified public accountant 


in a single consulting firm that's dedicated to professional athletes. 

*McCauley does not negotiate contracts with team clubs on behalf of clients or review such contracts. 

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